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Paul Scharf


Paul Scharf started to play the violin and piano at an early age. He studied violin in Basel with Primoz Novsak and in Bern with Igor Ozim.

Paul Scharf has appeared as a member of the St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Bern, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and Tonhalle- Orchestra Zurich. In addition, he has performed in multiple music festivals around the world such as Salzburger Festspiele, Musikfestival Davos, Festival de Radio France and many more. He founded several string quartets and has collaborated with Heinz Holliger, Ana Chumachenko, Andras Schiff, Leonidas Kavakos and many others.

In 2007 Paul Scharf was appointed lecturer at the Conservatorium Zurich MKZ for violin and viola. Currently, he plays the viola with string trio TriOdur. In addition,  he is a member and arranger of the Schweizer Oktett (Swiss Octet).

He plays a violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume from 1851, numbered 1968.

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